Carrollton, TX Air Conditioning Repair & Heating

Carrollton Air Conditioning Repair and Heating service is available by calling 5 Star HVAC. Our family owned and operated company is licensed and insured. We would like to be your heating and air conditioning company. Our goal is to be the best, affordable air conditioning and heating repair service available to the residents of Carrollton, TX. When you call 5 Star, realize that we will stand behind our repair work and installations. Call us now for Carrollton, TX air conditioning repair and heating service.

AC Repair Carrollton, TX

Are you in need of AC Repair Carrollton, TX service? Are you looking for a HVAC company with competitive prices and the experience to do the correct job? At 5 Star HVAC, we value you as a customer. We will give you a repair estimate before any work is performed. Once the repair is made, we stand behind our work. We also value your recommendation to your Carrollton, TX neighbors and friends.

Whether you need a capacitor, contactor, fan motor, blower motor or other parts we handle it. And remember, if you need a capacitor or contactor we guarantee it for the life you your equipment. That’s our guarantee. We strive to do the right job and give you 5 Star service. We off repairs, maintenance or a completely new air conditioner. Try 5 Star for Carrollton, TX AC Repair.


AC Installation Carrollton TX

Do you need AC installation Carrollton, TX? Would you like a HVAC company to give you a free estimate on a new air conditioning system? Try 5 Star HVAC Contractors. We have competitive prices and experienced installation crews. We will send a technician to your Carrollton, TX home to evaluate your needs. From there he can give you options and help you choose the proper system.

Whether you need a Carrollton AC repair or one piece of equipment or a complete new system we can do the job. If you choose a new system our expert installers will install your system to Carrollton, TX city code. Each city has its own building codes. We will know what to do and have the install inspected by the city. So call 5 Star HVAC with confidence, for AC Installation Carrollton, TX


5 Star HVAC Proudly Serves Carrollton, TX!

Best HVAC Company Carrollton Tx

Are you looking for the best HVAC company serving Carrollton, TX? What HVAC company can claim that title. No one can honestly claim to be the best HVAC company in Carrollton. However, we can certainly throw our name in the hat. 5 Star HVAC is a family owned air conditioning and heating company. Call us for AC repair, service, maintenance, and installation. We care about our customers and strive for customer satisfaction. We chose the name 5 Star HVAC, because one of our goals is to provide 5-star service. Choose 5 Star if you are looking for one of the best HVAC companies serving Carrollton, Texas.

What is HVAC?

The acronym HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. All three are vital parts of a complete air conditioning system. Many people are not aware of the ventilation aspect of a system. This is the plenums and ductwork. Plenums need to be sealed properly. Hot attic air being sucked into the system destroys the efficiency of your air conditioning system. The next time you call for HVAC service ask them to check the ductwork. It also would not hurt for you to do an inspection yourself. Split or loose ductwork can be a huge problem. How will your house cool if you are cooling the attic. How will your house cool if you are sucking in hot attic air. If you need someone to inspect your HVAC system, call Star HVAC Contractors.


Repairing All Makes and Models of Air Conditioning Equipment

Heating Repair Carrollton, TX

Are you needing Carrollton, TX heating repair service? 5 Star HVAC is available to help. Our heating repair technicians will offer you a quote before any work is performed. Once the heating repair work is done, it is guaranteed. We will to our best to make sure you are happy with our service. Whether you have a gas furnace, an electric air handler or a heat pump, we can make the repair. Call us now for Carrollton, TX heating repair.

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