AC Repair Corinth, TX

Corinth, TX AC Repair

AC repair Corinth, TX service can be found by calling 5 Star HVAC. 5 Star has technicians in your area. We stock our AC service trucks so we can make most residential air conditioning repairs when we arrive. We know when it’s hot, it can be miserable, especially if you only have one air conditioner. That’s why fast, professional AC repair service is so important. When you call 5 Star you are calling a company that values your service. We are residential air conditioning service experts. So call 5 Star for your Corinth, TX AC repair needs.


Corinth Air Conditioning and Heating Repair

Corinth air conditioning repair and heating service is available with a call to 5 Star HVAC. 5 Star is licensed and insured and offers fast, professional heating and air conditioning repair service to the residents of Corinth, TX. Our company is licensed and insured and will work extra hard to ensure that you are happy with the work that is performed. So call 5 Star with confidence for Corinth air conditioning repair and heating service. 


5 Star HVAC Proudly Serves Corinth, TX!

Corinth TX AC Repair Tips

Do you have High Electric Bills? Do you want to help reduce the need for AC repairs? We have a few tips for our Corinth, TX customers.

High electric bills and the need for AC repair goes hand in hand. The reason for high electric bills is the air conditioner is running longer than it should. The more your air conditioner runs the more wear and tear the system will experience. That means more repairs. Here are a few AC repair tips for our Corinth, TX customers.


Corinth, TX Air Conditioner Installation

Is it time for a new AC installation in Corinth, Texas. Choose 5 Star HVAC. 5 Star has experienced AC Installation crews. We will install your new air conditioner to Corinth, TX City Code. Each city has their code on how they want air conditioner installed in their city. It’s amazing the differences between city to city. We keep up with those differences. When 5 Star installs a new air conditioner we pull permits and get a city inspection.

The air conditioner will be installed correctly. You don’t want to run into any safety issues. Additionally, when it comes time to sell your home, if your air conditioning equipment is not installed to Corinth, TX city code it can hold up the sale. You will also have to have a company come out and bring up the install to code. We have the experience to get the job done right. So call 5 Star HVAC with confidence for Corinth, TX AC installation.

AC Recharge Corinth, TX

Do you need an AC recharge in The City of Corinth, TX. 5 Star HVAC is just a phone call away. Or you can fill out a service request form and we will get you taken care of fast. Maybe you have an older system that requires R22 Freon®. R22 is very expensive. If your AC system uses this type of Refrigerant, you have a decision to make. If you think you have a very slow leak and the refrigerant will last a few years, then we can recharge the system, if that is what you choose to do. Remember, these older systems were not very efficient. The money saved on electricity is definitely a consideration. Talk to your AC technician to help you make a decision.

Newer units usually use R410A Puron® or a similar refrigerant. This refrigerant is under high pressure, so leaks are usually not slow like Freon leaks. Freon systems are under low pressure. That said, it is imperative that we locate the source of the leak so we can take care of it. Refrigerant leaks within the evaporator coil usually result in the replacement of the coil. However, if we can repair the leak, we certainly will.

The most important thing is that 5 Star can recharge your AC. If the system is not properly charged, it can run excessively. This causes an extremely high electricity bill, and also puts an undo strain on the equipment. It will wear out much faster. Also, systems that are low on refrigerant, tend to freeze up, blocking air flow. Of course, the house cannot cool down without air flow. If you have problems and need an AC recharge, give 5 Star a call. We are the one to call for a Corinth, TX AC recharge.


Corinth, TX HVAC Service

If you are looking for Corinth, TX HVAC service, look no more. 5 Star HVAC Contractors provides HVAC service for the residents of Corinth, TX. Our experienced technicians can take care of all of your air conditioning and heating needs. Air conditioning repair? No problem. Heating repair? Got you covered. Ventilation? We can take care of that also. We want to be your HVAC company. Call 5 Star HVAC for Corinth, TX HVAC service.

Best HVAC System

We get asked this all the time, what is the best HVAC system. There was a time you could say Rheem. There was a time you could say Trane. Maybe Lennox or Carrier. The fact is the answer changes all the time according to Consumer Reports. Companies are constantly releasing new improved products, so the answer constantly changes. Additionally, in case you don’t know, the same manufacturing line, produces many brands of air conditioning equipment.

That said, because of the constant changes, the correct answer is the best HVAC system is the system that is installed correctly. You need proper installation to get the most out of the system that you choose. 5 Star HVAC will install your air conditioning system to Corinth, TX city codes. Each city has their own code as to how they want your HVAC system installed. We will handle everything for you and pull the proper permits and schedule the inspection with the City of Corinth. Call 5 Star today for Corinth, TX HVAC service.  


There is no better tip in the HVAC world, than the simplest of tips. Change the air conditioning filter. You would be surprised how many people neglect this simple and inexpensive tip. It is inexpensive when you compare it to an air conditioning repair and better yet, a completely new air conditioner.

How often should you change your air conditioning filter? A good rule of thumb is once a month. However, the reality is, you should base that decision on a number of factors. Don’t have any pets? You can change you filters less often. Don’t have it cold in your house, like your neighbor does? Again, you can change your filter less often. The doesn’t mean that you don’t change the filter regularly. It means that you adjust the amount of filter changes per year based on your lifestyle. Always error to changing your filter too often, than not often enough. Examine your air filter every time you change it, and adjust your schedule accordingly.

What is HVAC?

HVAC covers the complete air conditioning system. Conditioning the air, of course, is the objective. So HVAC is heating, air conditioning and ventilation. Each component is essential for the HVAC system to work properly.

For those that are not aware, an air conditioner does not cool the air. An air conditioner removes heat from your home and puts it outside. The result is cold air. A furnace or electric air handler does heat the air. The ventilation system consists of plenums, air ducts and vents, essential for the movement of air within your home.

Providing Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Corinth, TX Zip Codes 76208 & 75210

5 Star HVAC services Corinth, TX Zip codes 76208 & 76210. We provide all types of air conditioning and heating services including AC and heating repair, maintenance and installation. Count on 5 Star to do the right job. Our AC company will go over your options to help you make the right decision. Whether it’s a repair option or an equipment option, call us with confidence. Call us for air conditioning and heating service in Corinth, TX Zip codes 76208 & 76210.


5 Star HVAC Repairs All Brands and Models of Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment

Heating Repair Corinth, TX

Choose 5 Star HVAC for heating repair Corinth, TX service. Our technicians will evaluate your heating and air conditioning systems and recommend repairs. This will happen before any work is performed. We have experienced technicians who will get there fast and do the right job. So, call 5 Star now for heating repair Corinth, TX service.

Corinth, TX Furnace Repair

5 Star HVAC is a great choice for Corinth, TX Furnace repair. Are looking for a company that you can depend on for great customer service and affordable gas furnace repair. That company is 5 Star HVAC. Our goal is the be the best, affordable furnace repair company servicing the residents of Corinth, TX.

A good source of information to help you make informed decisions about your air conditioning system is the Department of Energy website. The Department of Energy has plenty of facts regarding, air conditioning, heating, heat pumps and insulation. Proper insulation is the first step in reducing energy costs and heating and air conditioning repair and replacement expenses. Call us now for furnace repair in Corinth, TX!

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