Farmersville, TX Air Conditioning Repair & Heating

Farmersville, TX air conditioning repair and heating service is available by contacting 5 Star HVAC Contractors. Our family owned and operated heating and air conditioning company services the residents of Farmersville, TX.  5 Star HVAC Contractors is licensed and insured. We can take care of all of your air conditioning and heating needs including repair, maintenance, and installation. We also offer residential and commercial service. So call 5 Star with confidence for Farmersville AC repair & heating service.

AC Repair Farmersville, TX

Are you searching for AC repair Farmersville, TX service? Let me introduce you to 5 Star HVAC Contractors. At 5 Star, we strive to give you the best possible AC repair service. Our technicians will diagnose your air conditioning equipment and give you a repair estimate before any work is done. Once the work is complete, we stand behind the work that we do. No matter the repair we can do it as long as there are parts available.

When you choose an AC Repair company you need experience and the desire to do the right repair. Our technicians continue their education on the latest models of air conditioning equipment. We will get your air conditioner running at peak performance. Our goal is to be the best, affordable, professional air conditioning company that provides service in Farmersville, TX. Call 5 Star with confidence for AC Repair Farmersville service


5 Star HVAC Proudly Serves Farmersville, TX!

AC Recharge Farmersville, TX


Recharge AC Farmersville

Are you in need of an AC recharge in Farmersville, TX? 5 Star HVAC is just a phone call away. We will recharge your air conditioner and make sure it is running at peak performance. If you have a refrigerant leak there are some things to consider. If your air conditioner uses Freon® as a refrigerant, the air conditioner is old and most likely needs replacing. Of course, we could add Freon to the system, but Freon is extremely expensive. There is no guarantee that the Freon will not soon leak out. If you are considering a new AC system, remember that new air conditioners are much more efficient than systems in the past. The savings in electricity will be substantial. The history of your system and the size of your electric bill will help you determine if you want to add Freon. We will help you make the decision and will add Freon if that is what you choose.

If your refrigerant uses Puron® your system is newer. Puron is under high pressure and a refrigerant leak is easier to find. The problem being that you have to add refrigerant to find the leak unless there is oil at the leak site. If we locate a leak, then we need to determine if it can be repaired. Our technicians can repair many leaks. If you would like us to look at your system, and possibly make an AC repair, give us a call. Call us now for an AC recharge in Farmersville, TX.

Farmersville AC Installation

5 Star HVAC offers top quality Farmersville AC installation. Our air conditioning and heating installation crews will install your air conditioner to Farmersville, TX city code. It is important to you that a company installs your air conditioner to city code. First off, it’s safer. Secondly, you want your air conditioner operating properly. Thirdly, when the time comes to sell your home, it will have to be brought up to city code. It best to choose a company that will do the job right. We pull permits and do the correct job.

5 Star offers competitive prices on a new air conditioning system and expert installation. Our technicians will help you choose the right equipment for your home. A system that is too small will not be able to cool your home properly. A system that is too large will not run long enough to get the moisture out of your house. Moisture hold heats and you will feel sticky if the moisture is not removed. We will get the right size air conditioner for your home. So call 5 Star with confidence for your Farmersville, TX AC installation.

AC Installation Farmersville


Farmersville HVAC

Choose 5 Star for Farmersville HVAC service. Our HVAC company can repair all air conditioners and furnaces. Installation is not a problem. We will take care of it all. When you are happy with our HVAC service, please recommend our company to your Farmersville, TX neighbors and friends. We value your recommendations as we know it is the best form of advertising. We will work hard to earn your approval. You can count on 5 Star for Farmersville, TX HVAC service, ZIP code 75442.

What is the Best HVAC System?

What is the best HVAC system is a question that we get asked many times each year. That answer changes constantly according to consumer reports, so the answer is not static. Here is some important information. Many brands of air conditioners are built in the same factory. That means craftsmanship and quality control can be the same for some brands. Since the answer of which brand of HVAC is best is constantly changing, the answer might be, the best HVAC system might be the one that is installed correctly. That said, count on our experience installation crews, for quality HVAC installation. Choose 5 Star to provide the best HVAC system installation.

What is HVAC?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. HVAC covers everything. Heating can be gas or electric. If your heating uses gas, you have a gas furnace. If your heating uses electricity, you have an electric air handler. You can also heat with a heat pump which uses an electric air handler, and a reversing valve to run the air conditioner in reverse. This effectively removes heat from the outside and puts it in your home.

As for ventilation, it is your duct work and vents. It is vital that you have high quality ducts that are properly sealed. They need to be attached to the vents securely so there are no air leaks.

That bring us to your air conditioning system that is made up of an outside condenser and an inside the attic or closet evaporator coil. This type of system is called a split system and is the most common residential system. There is a blower that moves the air in the furnace assembly or electric air handler. In short, HVAC is the entire air conditioning system, heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

Best HVAC Tip

The best HVAC tip is the simplest tip. Change the air conditioning filter regularly. It is critical to keep a clear air filter in your air conditioning system at all times.

How Often Should You Change the Air Conditioning Filter?

That questions answer all depends on you. It can have a variety of factors. Probably the most important factor is how many pets do you have and how much do they shed hair. If you have multiple pets and they shed lots of hair, you should change your filter at least once a month. That means check your filter and if it seems a little dirty, change your filter more often. Also, you can keep an eye on when your dogs shed. If you notice more shedding at a certain time of the year, check your filters often. Another thing you can do is brush your dog daily outside. This can eliminate much of the problem.

Another huge factor is how cold do you keep your house in the summer and how hot in the winter. The more your air conditioner runs, the more you should change the filter. Other factors to consider is how much do you cook in your home and do your use the hood vent. Smoke in the house. That also has an impact. What you need to remember is to change the air conditioning filter regularly and call 5 Star when you need an air conditioning company

Farmersville, TX HVAC Services Provided in ZIP Code 75442

5 Star HVAC services ZIP code 75442, Farmersville, TX. We provide complete HVAC Service which includes AC and heating repair, Installation of new air conditioning systems, and maintenance. We can also solve ventilation problems such as lack of air flow to one or more rooms or damper systems. We offer complete HVAC services. Give 5 Star HVAC a call for HVAC services in ZIP code 75442, Farmersville, TX.


Air Conditioning & Heating Repair on All Makes & Models in Farmersville, TX

Heating Repair Farmersville, TX

Are you looking for Farmersville, TX heating repair? Choose 5 Star HVAC. We l provide top of the line Farmersville AC repair and heating repair. Our technicians will evaluate your heating and air conditioning equipment and recommend the necessary repairs. You will receive a repair estimate before any repair is performed. Most importantly, we stand behind the work that we do. So call 5 Star for heating repair Farmersville, TX service. 

Farmersville Furnace Repair

It’s cold and you need fast Farmersville furnace repair service. Give 5 Star HVAC Contractors a call. Maybe it’s an ignitor or flame sensor or a gas valve. Whatever the repair, we can handle it. Our technician will give you a furnace repair estimate before any work is done. Once you approve the work, it will be done fast, professionally and correctly. Call us now for Farmersville, TX furnace repair service.

Furnace Repair Tip for the Residents of Farmersville, TX

Here’s a tip to reduce your need to call for Farmersville furnace repair service. Change your air conditioning filters regularly. An extremely dirty air filter will limit air flow causing the furnace to run longer. If the furnace gets too hot, it could shut down. The high limit switch will turn off the system and you will need to call for service. Eliminate that call by changing the air conditioning filter regularly. However, if your need furnace repair service in Farmersville, TX, call 5 Star HVAC.

Mini Split Air Conditioner

Would you like to have a mini split air conditioner installed in your home? 5 Star HVAC can offer you a free estimate on installing a mini split air conditioner. We can evaluate your home and get you the proper size of mini split. This is very important as a unit that is too small will not the get the job done and a unit that is too large will not run long enough to remove moisture from the air. You need the proper size air conditioner that is installed properly. Give us a call and we can have you cooling in no time. Call now for Farmersville, TX mini split installation.

Mini Split – Farmersville AC Repair

Do you have a mini split in need of Farmersville AC repair service? 5 Star HVAC Contractors can help. We can get a technician to your home fast. 5 Star offers more than fast service. We offer 5 star service. We really want happy customers as you are our best form of advertising. Your mini split system might be used to cool the master bedroom or it may be for an upstairs guest room. Wherever it is we will repair it. Call 5 Star today for mini split AC repair in Farmersville, TX.

What is a Mini Split Air Conditioner?

A mini split, also known as a ductless system, is obviously a system without ductwork. A central air conditioner generates cold air, by removing heat, from a central location. By means of ductwork, individual rooms are cooled. The same process occurs for heating, in that heat is generated from a central location and is also spread to the rooms of the home with the same ductwork. In a ductless system the mini split cools and heat one room. Mini splits are more efficient because of the lack of ductwork.

If ductwork is providing cold air to the home, it is usually spread across the house in the attic. Attics are extremely hot and the cold air within the ductwork can be compromised. In other words, the air conditioner loses efficiency through the ductwork. Call for a technician, who can help you determine if a mini split is a good option for your home.

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