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Plano air conditioning repair and heating service is available with a call to 5 Star HVAC. Our goal is to be the best, affordable air conditioning and heating repair service available in Plano, TX. Expect our technician to provide fast, friendly, professional service. Whether it’s a scalding hot summer day or a bitter cold winter evening you can count on our HVAC company. You will receive a repair estimate before any work is performed. Therefore, choosing 5 Star to make your AC repair is a wise decision. We would like to be your Plano air conditioning and heating repair company. Call us today!

Plano AC & Heating Repair


AC Repair Plano

Plano air conditioning repair and heating service is available with a call to 5 Star HVAC. Our goal is to be the best, affordable air conditioning and heating repair service available in Plano, TX. Expect our technician to provide fast, friendly, professional service. Whether it’s a scalding hot summer day or a bitter cold winter evening you can count on our HVAC company. You will receive a repair estimate before any work is performed. Therefore, choosing 5 Star to make your AC repair is a wise decision. We would like to be your Plano air conditioning and heating repair company. Call us today!

Plano, TX AC Repair


Air Conditioning Tips- Help Reduce the Need for AC Repair

Change the AC Filter Regularly. The number one air conditioning tip is simple. Change your air conditioning filters regularly. If you want to reduce AC repairs a clean filter is the most important place to start. If the air conditioner filter is dirty and clogged up it will greatly reduce air flow. Air flow is essential for heating and cooling. Think how much harder it is to move air through the filter if it is clogged up. That puts extra stress on the blower motor and other parts. You have got to be able to move air freely to heat and cool your home. A house that does not change the air filter regularly will end up with a dirty evaporator coil. Air will not pass easily and then the coil will freeze up. That ice will lead to unnecessary stress on the evaporator coil and cleaning the coil is an expensive repair. A clean AC filter reduces many future unnecessary repairs.

Wash the Outside Condenser Coil. Warning, talk to a professional before you attempt to wash the coil. Otherwise, you can easily damage the fins of the coil and repair or replacement is very expensive. Let an AC professional technician show you how to do it. Do Not Use a Powerwasher. A dirty condenser coil restricts air flow. That air flow through the coil is critical to remove heat from your home. With no air flow you put unnecessary stress on the fan motor and other parts. Your air conditioner has to run for extended periods of time. Keep the outside condenser coil clean to reduce the chance of AC repair.

Seasonal Maintenance. Seasonal maintenance is a great tip to help reduce the need for AC repair. A technician will inspect the system, watch and listen to it run, and take AMP draw readings to make sure the air conditioner is running correctly. He will also check the refrigerant during the proper seasons. The good news is the technician can advise and prevent some of the oncoming problems in advance.

The above AC tips can help you reduce the need for Plano, TX AC repair. Not only that, but you will extend the life of your AC equipment. AC equipment is getting more expensive all the time because it is continually required to be more efficient. Extend the life of your air conditioning equipment and cut your electric use in the process. If your AC equipment eventually is in need of repair, call 5 Star HVAC for AC repair Plano service.


Plano Air Conditioning Repair


5 Star HVAC Proudly Serves Plano, TX!

5 Star HVAC Contractors Provides Professional AC Repair Services in Plano TX. As one of the fastest growing private companies in Texas, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned in Plano for extremely high quality AC repair and unmatched professionalism.

AC Installation Plano, TX

Is it time for a new AC installation in Plano, TX? Would you like a free estimate on a replacement air conditioner? Maybe you need advice on choosing the proper air conditioner. Having the proper size of air conditioner is actually more important than the brand that you choose. If someone sells you an air conditioner that is too small for your home, obviously it won’t cool your home properly. On the reverse side, if someone sells you an air conditioner that is too large for your home, it won’t run long enough to remove the humidity from your home. Not only does humidity hold heat, but you will not feel comfortable in a home that has high humidity. To feel comfortable you will need to set the temperature lower. In other words, a humid house at 70 degrees can feel like a house with less humidity at 72 degrees. Get your air conditioner properly sized for your home.

If you are not sure if an AC repair is the best option, call us for a repair and we can discuss whether a new air conditioner should be considered. If you have R22 known as Freon® in the system, you should get a new air conditioner if there is a leak in the system. No what your situation, we can provide options and help you make the proper decision. So let us get an expert to your home. Call us now for AC Installation in Plano, TX.

AC Installation Plano, TX


Plano Emergency AC Repair & Installation Service

Do you need emergency AC repair or installation service? You don’t have to wait for normal business hours to roll around in order to have your air conditioning repaired. No matter what time of day your unit stops working, call our office and we will be happy to visit your Plano location right away. We know that you don’t want to be without air conditioning for any longer than necessary, so we’ll use all of our experience to fix the problem as quickly as possible. This isn’t just about comfort, either – a loss of air conditioning can be a dangerous situation for individuals with certain health issues. Our team will put all of our air conditioner repair skills to work for you, and we can even complete a new AC installation if the old unit is beyond repair. Call us for Plano emergency AC repair & installation service.

Recharge AC Plano, TX

Are you looking for an AC Repair Company to recharge your air conditioning system? Do you think you are low on refrigerant? 5 Star can get a technician to your home who will properly recharge your air conditioner. Unless you put the correct amount of refrigerant in, your air conditioner will not cool your home properly. Give us a call and we will properly recharge your air conditioner with the proper refrigerant.

Add Freon to Air Conditioner

If you have an extremely old air conditioner there’s a good chance the refrigerant inside is Freon®. Freon is also known as R22. If your technician pulls out a green jug of refrigerant it is Freon. This refrigerant is in the system under low pressure. It is no longer offered in new equipment and has been discontinued. If your system has a leak and uses Freon, it might be a better option to replace it. Freon is very expensive, and to have it leak out in a short period of time is not cost effective. Additionally, these old AC systems we not very efficient and therefore the cost of electricity will be very high.

Recharge AC with Puron

Puron® is the successor to Freon. Puron, also known as 410A, is under high pressure. If your technician recharges your system with Puron he will use a pink jug. Puron systems are newer and have a high SEER rating. SEER rating stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio”. The higher the SEER rating the more efficient the air conditioner will be. That means lower electric bills. No matter the refrigerant used, 5 Star will recharge you air conditioner. Call us today for an AC recharge.

AC Recharge


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Plano, TX HVAC

If you are needing an HVAC company, try 5 Star HVAC Contractors. 5 Star offers residential and commercial HVAC service and installation. If you are a homeowner and you need a licensed HVAC contractor to check your air conditioning system, contact us today. We can access your system or systems and give you recommendations of any maintenance that is needed. A system that is dirty is far less efficient than one that is properly maintained. Give us a call and we will get an HVAC technician to your home fast.

HVAC Plano, TX


What is HVAC

The complete service that an air conditioning and heating company offers is known as HVAC. HVAC of course is an acronym. The “H” in HVAC stands for Heating. There are three ways to generate heat in the Plano, TX area. There is gas heat which can be either natural gas or in remote areas, propane. There is also electric heat and there are heat pumps. Heat pumps are basically air conditioners that can run in reverse to heat your home.

The “V” in HVAC stands for ventilation. Ventilation includes ductwork, plenums and grills. Older fixed duct is called hard duct or metal duct. Hard duct is rarely used on residential systems any longer but is a solid staple in commercial systems. Also called rigid duct, it is stronger and more durable than the other common type of duct known as flex duct. Flex duct is obviously flexible. It is easier to install and is actually quieter that hard duct.

AC in HVAC stands for Air Conditioner. The air conditioner is used to cool the home. Most residential air conditioning systems are known as split systems. A split system has part of the system outside and the other part of the system inside, which can either be inside the attic or inside a closet. A gas furnace or electric air handler is located inside. There is also an evaporator coil in addition to the furnace, but an electric air handler already contains the evaporator coil. Most commercial systems are called package units. A package unit has the complete package of air and heating equipment located outside. Package units are commonly, but not necessarily on the roof.

The condenser is located outside. The heart of the condenser is a compressor which compresses the refrigerant gas back into a liquid. The system does not cool the air, it actually removes heat from the house. The absence of heat is cool air. Bottom line, call 5 Star HVAC for all of your HVAC needs.

Plano, TX Heating Repair

It’s cold and you need heating repair in Plano, TX. Try 5 Star HVAC. We can get a technician to your home fast. We stock our trucks so we can usually get your furnace or electric air handler repaired without delay. We also repair heat pumps. If you need equipment installed that’s not a problem either. We know how important it is to be comfortable in your home. So getting to you fast, and doing the right repair is our top priority. Try 5 Star HVAC for heating repair Plano, TX service.

Plano Heating Repair


Furnace Repair Plano, TX

Call 5 Star HVAC for Plano, TX furnace repair. Yes 5 Star. We will have your furnace heating youR home fast. The snow is on the ground. Most companies won’t be running. It going to be bitter cold tonight. Give us a call. Whether it’s a motor, a contactor, or ignitor. We can get the job done. We would like to be your furnace repair company, and we will act like it. So call us now for Plano, TX furnace repair service.


Repairing All Makes and Models of Air Conditioners in Plano, TX, Including

Best Central Air Conditioner

When you are looking for the best central air conditioner, you are choosing between many types of air conditioners. The best air conditioner brand is usually from amongst the most well-known brands. It seems this best air conditioning brand changes almost from season to season. This means choosing the best AC brand can be challenging. Also, many air conditioning brands are built in the same factory by the same people. That certainly muddies the waters. Some of the best air conditioners are Trane, Rheem, Lennox and Carrier

Since the best air conditioner brand, as rated by consumer magazines, seems to change almost seasonally, the best air conditioner brand might be the one that is installed properly. That means choosing an HVAC company to install the air conditioning equipment properly is vital. Also, be sure the company you choose pulls permits and has the city inspector inspect the install. If you are looking for an experienced company to install a new air conditioner in Plano, TX, choose 5 Star HVAC. We are a top choice for installing the best brand of air conditioner in Plano, TX.

Best Central Air Conditioner

Speaking of AC installation, we are happy to take on such jobs on commercial and residential properties in and around Plano. These may be installations for brand new buildings, or they could be replacements for old systems. Whatever the case, you will be provided an honest quote, a fair price, and a prompt timeline. Thanks to our 20 years of experience in this business, it is a safe bet that we will be able to handle the job in a professional and timely manner.

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