AC Repair Royse City, TX

Are you in need of AC repair Royse City, TX? Choose 5 Star HVAC. By choosing 5 Star, you are choosing a family-owned HVAC company that strives to provide 5-star service. Is your air conditioner not turning on? Do you have an air conditioner water leak? Do you need a free estimate on new air conditioning equipment? What ever your HVAC needs, 5 Star can help.

We keep our trucks stocked, so we can handle most air conditioning repairs that day. Our experienced technicians will give you a repair quote before any work is performed. We want to be your AC repair company. So, call 5 Star for AC Repair Royse City, TX service.

Royse City AC Repair


Royse City, TX Air Conditioning & Heating Repair

Our Royse City air conditioning repair and heating service company is 5 Star HVAC. 5 Star is licensed and insured and can take care of all of your air conditioning and heating needs. Our technicians can diagnose your equipment and will give you a repair estimate prior to any work being performed. When you are happy with the service that you receive, please recommend our company to all of your Royse City, TX neighbors and friends. Choose 5 star for your Royse City, TX AC repair and heating service needs.

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Royse City, TX AC Installation

5 Star HVAC provides Royse City AC installation services? 5 Star HVAC will give you 5 Star service. Our experienced residential air conditioning installers will install your new air conditioner to the City of Royse City, TX building codes. Each city has their own code for installing air conditioners. City inspectors will ensure that the new system is installed to city code.

We offer free estimates for new air conditioners. Or if your current air conditioner is not that old, you can make an AC repair Royse City, TX service call. Whatever, your HVAC needs, we can get the job done. So, call us with confidence for Royse City, TX AC installation.


5 Star HVAC Proudly Serves Royse City, TX!

For residential and commercial properties in Royse City, Texas, 5 Star HVAC Contractors is the easy choice for any kind of air conditioning repair or installation work. We have the experience you are looking for, and our fair prices are appreciated by each customer we serve. To find out more about what we have to offer, and to ask any questions you may have about your project, please call our office right away. We would love to serve you!

AC System Recharge - Royse City, TX - Freon Added

Are you looking for a Royse City, TX AC recharge? Do you need to add Freon® or some other type of refrigerant to your air conditioning system? 5 Star can take care of this for you. Simply schedule a Royse City AC repair service call.

If you are looking for R22, Freon®, chances are you have a very old air conditioning system. R22 is extremely expensive. If it’s just going to leak out, you should certainly consider a new air conditioning system. In addition, new air conditioners are much more efficient than older worn-out units. The money that you can save on electricity can add up fast. All told, a new system is a strong consideration if your current system uses Freon.

If you have a newer air conditioner it likely uses 410A, Puron®. Puron is under high pressure, so leaks have a tendency to drain the system of refrigerant pretty fast. Whatever your refrigerant needs, call 5 Star HVAC for Royse City AC recharge.


Repairing All Makes and Models of Air Conditioners in Royse City, TX, Including:

Royse City, TX Heating Repair

Are you in need of Royse City, TX Heating Repair? Take a look at 5 Star HVAC. We are a family-owned company that strives to offer 5 Star service. Our goal is to provide the best, affordable heating repair service available in Royse CityTX. We repair gas furnaces, electric air handlers and heat pumps. If there are parts available, we can repair it. No work will be performed until a repair estimate is given and approved. Once the repair is made, we stand behind our work. Trust 5 Star HVAC for heating repair Royse City, TX.

Commercial HVAC Service Royse City

5 Star also offers commercial HVAC service. The Texas heat is no secret, as this state has a reputation torrid summers. If you are going to enjoy life in Royse City, you need to be able to stay cool. Also, if you are going to run a successful business, you need to keep your customers cool while they are on your property. Either way, 5 Star HVAC Contractors would be happy to help. Our company provides expert Royse City AC repair, maintenance and installation services. 

When you contact 5 Star, you will receive an honest quote right from the start. Don’t take your chances with an inexperienced group when you can turn to us and know the job is in good hands from start to finish. So, call 5 Star with confidence for Royse City, TX commercial HVAC service.

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