AC Repair Melissa TX

AC Repair Melissa

Are you looking for AC repair Melissa, TX? 5 Star HVAC can help. Our experienced technicians will get you a repair estimate fast. Not only do we stand behind the estimate but we also stand behind our work. Also, don’t forget our guarantee on capacitors and contactors. When you call 5 Star for air conditioner repair, you can rest easy. A technician will be dispatched promptly, and we will contact you when the technician is on the way. So call 5 Star HVAC for Melissa, TX AC repair service.


Melissa, TX Air Conditioning Repair & Heating

Trust our Melissa air conditioning repair and heating service to be 5 Star. We can get a technician to your home fast. He will give you an estimate before any work is performed. Additionally, you can call us with confidence. We stand behind our heating and air conditioning repairs. Our work is guaranteed. Call us today for air conditioning repair in Melissa, TX

Tips - Reduce AC Repair in Melissa TX

Change the Air Conditioner Filter – There is nothing that will help reduce AC repairs at your Melissa, TX home than to change the AC filter regularly. Dirty filters restrict air flow and cause your AC equipment to work harder. Worse than that, a dirty filter leads to a dirty coil. If the coil gets dirty an expensive cleaning is sure to follow. Just keep it simple and change the filter regularly to reduce AC Repair in Melissa, TX.

Wash the Outside Condenser Coils – Do not wash the outside condenser coil without consulting an AC professional. You can easily damage the coil. Do Not Use a Power Washer. The best thing to do is have your AC technician show you how to do it. Rinsing the coils off gently every month will keep your air conditioner running efficiently. If this is neglected it can lead to expensive chemical cleaning. Also if your system is a heat pump the coils must be clean to heat your home. Call us out in the spring to check your AC and we will be happy to show you how to properly clean the condenser coils. 

AC Installation Melissa, TX

Choose 5 Star for Melissa, TX AC installation. Are you in the market for a new air conditioner? 5 Star HVAC can help. Our residential air conditioning experts can handle all of your air conditioning and heating needs. Whether you need a Melissa, TX AC repair or a full air conditioning system installation, our HVAC company is fully able. If you are looking to install a new air conditioner, we offer a free estimate for the City of Melissa, Texas residents. So call 5 Star HVAC for AC installation Melissa, TX service.


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Heating Repair Melissa, TX

Are you searching for heating repair Melissa, TX service? Try 5 Star HVAC. Not only do we provide Melissa, TX AC repair but we also handle heating and ventilation. 5 Star’s goal is to provide the best, affordable heating repair service available in Melissa, TX. Our technicians can repair your gas furnace, electric air handler or heat pump. If you are in need of new heating and air conditioning equipment, we can handle that also. Don’t sit in the cold. Call 5 Star HVAC for heating repair in Melissa TX.

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