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Choose 5 Star HVAC for air conditioning repair Sachse, TX. It’s hot, your air conditioning system is broken down and you need AC repair Sachse, TX service. 5 Star HVAC will get to you fast. Our trucks are stocked so we have most parts available even after hours. Our technicians will evaluate your air conditioning equipment and give you a repair estimate before any work is performed. Also, don’t forget us if your heating equipment breaks down. Our company can help with that also. We would like to be your air conditioning and heating company. Tell all your Sachse, TX neighbors and friends to choose 5 star HVAC for Sachse TX AC repair.

Sachse AC & Heating Repair


AC Repair Sachse

Are you looking for AC repair Sachse, TX service? Are you looking for an AC repair company that you can depend on.? 5 Star HVAC is the company that you are looking for. 5 Star offers fast, dependable, professional AC repair Service. We would like to be your AC repair company. We want to earn your business and your referral. It is very important to our company to do the right job so that you will tell your Sachse, TX neighbors and friends. Our best advertising is you, and we realize that. That is why you should call us with confidence. Our technician will evaluate your air conditioner and give you a repair estimate before any work is performed. He might also give you different options to choose from and can help you make the right decision. So call 5 Star today for Sachse, TX AC repair service.

Sachse, TX AC Repair Tip

The absolute best thing that you can do to reduce the need for Sachse, TX AC repair service is to keep a clean AC filter. If you allow your air filter to become clogged with dirt and debris, it will greatly restrict airflow. You need airflow to cool the house. When you restrict airflow your AC system must work longer and harder to keep your house cool. That means excessive and unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment and higher than necessary utility bills. Also, a dirty filter leads to a dirty evaporator coil. That’s a very expensive repair. So if you are interested in reducing Sachse, TX AC repairs change your AC filter regularly.

Sachse, TX AC Repair


5 Star HVAC Proudly Serves Sachse, TX!

5 Star HVAC Contractors has earned the Angi’s Super Service Award. We would like to thank our Sachse, TX AC repair and installation customers for the positive feedback that was given to Angi about our company. We strive to give 5 Star service to all of our HVAC customers.

Recharge AC in Sachse, TX

Do you need an AC recharge in Sachse, TX? We can help. Our company is 5 Star HVAC Contractors. We will recharge your air conditioner as needed. Do you need Freon®. We can AC technician to you home fast. If you are looking for Freon, realize that it is a very expensive refrigerant. We can recharge your AC with Freon but realize that it could leak out and you are left with a bill and no cool air after a short time. We need to know the history of the system and can perform a leak check if that seems a reasonable course of action. However, that means that we need to fill the system with refrigerant. Again, that is expensive and other alternatives might need to be considered.

If you have a newer air conditioning system, it likely uses Puron®. Puron is much cheaper but is under high pressure. This means that leaks are more easily found. If you need Puron we can take care of you. Call us now for an AC recharge in Sachse, TX.

Recharge AC Sachse

Best Air Conditioner Brand

Are you searching for the “best air conditioner brand” in Sachse, Texas? What is the best air conditioner brand? Do you know that this constantly changes. The best air conditioner brand today will not likely be the best air conditioner brand in 6 months. Did you know that many air conditioning brands are built in the exact same factory? That’s right. A factory may be building Trane brand this week and next week they are building Rheem.

So what are you to do? From these ever-changing ratings there is one theme that seems consistent. Choose one of the name brands, such as American Standard®, Carrier®, Lennox®, Rheem® or Trane® for the best odds of getting a reliable Air Conditioner.

Here is a tip on the best air conditioner brand. The best air conditioner brand is the brand that is installed properly and maintained regularly. At 5 Star HVAC, we have excellent, trained and experienced installation crews. We will install your air conditioner to Sachse, TX city code. Each city has their own code which is why you want an HVAC company that knows these codes. Additionally, you want a company that pulls permits. This way you can be assured that everything is done properly.

Maintenance is also extremely important. If your AC equipment is not maintained properly, it doesn’t matter how high it is rated. A poorly maintained air conditioner will not run efficiently. This means that it will run longer and harder to cool your home. The end result is excessive wear and tear that can make a highly rated air conditioner, function as one rated not so high. So keep these things in mind when you are looking for a new air conditioner. The safe bet is to call 5 Star HVAC to install your new air conditioner.

Furnace Installation Sachse, TX

Are you in need of Sachse, TX furnace installation? 5 Star HVAC is a company that you can depend on. Our heating and air conditioning installation crews will install your new furnace to Sachse, TX city code. Properly installed heating equipment is vital for several reason. The most important reason is obviously safety. Pulling a city permit and getting the furnace installation inspected by a city inspector is a must. Don’t take chances with companies that don’t pull proper permits. Get the job done right. Another reason to have your gas furnace installed to city code, comes when you are attempting to sell your home. There will be an inspection of your home before the sale can be finalized. At that time, you can face additional expenses to bring the installation up to code. If you are in need of a company that will make every attempt to do the right job, call us. Call 5 Star HVAC for furnace installation in Sachse, TX.

Repairing All Makes and Models of Air Conditioners in Sachse, TX, Including:

Heating Repair Sachse, TX

Choose 5 Star HVAC for Sachse, TX heating repair service. When you call 5 Star, know that you will receive competitive prices and fast, professional service. We stand behind the work that we do, so you can call us with confidence. We can repair gas furnaces, electric air handlers and heat pumps. Choose 5 Star for heating repair Sachse, TX.

HVAC Repair Service Sachse, TX

5 Star HVAC provides Anna, TX HVAC service. 5 Star can help with all of your HVAC needs. Do you have a room that is too hot in the summer and cold in the winter? We can add a duct run to get more air into a room to solve this problem. Another option would be to add a damper of two to other duct runs to force more air into the problem room. We would need to get a technician out to your home to provide the best solution. So, call us today for Anna, TX HVAC service.

What Is HVAC?

The “H” in HVAC stands for heating. So an HVAC company would provide heating service, repair, installation and maintenance on heating equipment. This would include gas systems, electric systems and heat pumps.

A gas system has a gas furnace for heat. An electric system uses an electric air handler for heat. It has electric heat strips. Of course, heating with electricity can be very expensive. That’s when it’s a good idea to use a pump. A heat pump, uses an electric air handler just like an all-electric system. However, a heap pump has a reversing valve on the outside condenser. This allows the air conditioner to operate in reverse. Instead of removing heat from your home and putting it outside, a heat pump moves heat from the outside and puts it in your home.

The “V” in HVAC represents ventilation. Ventilation is the vents and duct work of the air conditioner. This part of the system always seems to be underrated. Proper venting of the air conditioner is extremely important.

The “AC” in HVAC, of course, represents air conditioning. So now you understand what HVAC stands for.

What is the Best HVAC System?

Are you looking for the best HVAC system? That’s a challenging search. I could tell you the best is this brand or that brand and by the time you read this, it has changed 3 times. There are always new and updated lines of products. What is the best one year, quickly falls short the next year. Some of the most common brands in this area are Rheem, Trane, Lennox and Carrier. Out of those, the best HVAC system is probably the one that is installed correctly. No matter how good an HVAC system is, it can’t overcome a bad installation. Call 5 Star and let our experienced installers, install the best HVAC system for you.

5 Reasons to Choose 5-Star HVAC